I Ain’t No Friggin’ Gourmet

Hello All,
We are launching a new endeavor here at JACM with our new blog, “I Ain’t No Figgin’ Gourmet” . The purpose of this blog will be to help lighten the load for all of you who work, raise a family and still love to entertain. How do you get home from work at 6 and serve dinner to guests at 7:30, all while dealing with the kids, homework etc? Well, we can help. For years I have watched Kathleen do this very thing. I wish I could tell you how many time I have walked through the door and said, “Oh by the way, I invited my folks over for dinner. Do you mind?” Sweetheart that she is, she always managed to pull it off. (Of course there have been times when she would just look at me and say, “Really? Who’s cooking?” At which point I call my folks and say that we have to reschedule.)
But, when she is in the mood she strolls to the fridge, pulls out a few things, (which mostly look to me like a can of mushroom soup and a cork screw) and the next thing I know we are eating a terrific fetticini al fredo w chicken.
Each week we will offer some tips on how to prepare and serve a delicious meal in a short amount of time. Suggestion will be coming from Kathleen, our executive chef, Paloma and other staff members. We hope that you find this useful and that you enjoy your new found freedom.
(Not One Of The Moms)

Start it off right

The most awkward time at a wedding is the time between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception. Often, the bride and groom have to disappear to sign their license, take more picture, take a breath etc. During this time, the guests are moving from the ceremony to the reception area waiting for the bride and groom to appear. It is always our suggestion that the bar be open and that some type of appetizer is served. this allows your guests to begin their party time without standing around with their hands in their pockets waiting. It also takes the pressure off the bride and groom knowing that their guests are comfortable and occupied while they go about the final pieces of wedding business.