3 tier display

Cheese, cubed or sliced?

We have quite a controversy brewing here at Just A Couple Of Moms. The powers that be, (me and my husband) differ on how to serve cheese in our bountiful cheese display. One of us, and in fairness I will not tell you who prefers what, prefers that we slice the cheese for the displays, the other likes the cubes. The pros of both are that the cubed cheese looks nicer in the presentation, it stacks and falls with artistic wonder. The sliced cheese is much easier to eat and fits on a cracker. The cons, how do you eat a cube of cheese off of a cracker? Then again, sliced cheese sticks together and makes it harder to grab. If you go to your facebook page you can offer your opinion. We would really like to settle this once and for all. One of us is longing for bragging rights!


Nectar Tasting Room

Over the past three years we have formed quite a wonderful bond with Josh Wade and the Nectar Tasting Room. We supple all of their cheese and meat trays as well as cater a number of events there each month. In July – September we will be providing dinner for a Group-On event called Wine-Down Wednesday’s. Check out the Group-On site and sign up for a great evening of wine and food. We also do a number of individual events like engagement parties, graduation parties and wedding receptions. If you have a special event coming up please consider using the Nectar Tasting Room. It is a unique and fun experience and we know that you will have a great time.

Start it off right

The most awkward time at a wedding is the time between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception. Often, the bride and groom have to disappear to sign their license, take more picture, take a breath etc. During this time, the guests are moving from the ceremony to the reception area waiting for the bride and groom to appear. It is always our suggestion that the bar be open and that some type of appetizer is served. this allows your guests to begin their party time without standing around with their hands in their pockets waiting. It also takes the pressure off the bride and groom knowing that their guests are comfortable and occupied while they go about the final pieces of wedding business.

dessert table

Desserts for the Guests

We have been doing a lot of dessert bars this wedding season. It seems that even with the cake, the guests can’t get enough of the sweets. I’m all for it. This is an perfect example of what we can do with the combo of Cupcakes and desserts.


Nothing Should Derail Your Special Day

As I am looking out the window today I am thinking about our four brides that will be celebrating their wedding day on Saturday. Two of the venues are inside so they will not have to deal with the inclement weather but two of them are outside. The forecast is not looking good and it occurs to me that I have something I would like to pass along to these wonderful ladies. Rain or wind or bad weather is just that, it has no bearing on the true significance of this very special day. If it rains, well, it rains. Nothing anyone can do about it. Please do not lose sight of the fact that you are marrying the most special person in the world and that is truly the only thing that matters. We will do whatever we can to help make everyone comfortable, including moving the buffet indoors, across the street or to the local bowling alley. Don’t let this unfortunate situation bring you down. In the long run you will have one of the best wedding day stories ever.  Keep your  chin up and laugh. It’s just a wedding, its not a marriage and after nearly 24 years of marriage myself I can promise you, a little rain will not ever stack up to the challenges that await you. Its a wedding and the most important thing that will happen that day is that you will marry your true love. Let your love keep you warm and have Uncle Ted hold the umbrella to keep you dry.

Here’s to making your day the very best regardless,