Kath and Laurie

INPRO Bridal Show

We had the opportunity to meet with many brides and their families today at the INPRO Bridal Show. It was a terrific event and we hope that everyone who attended got a lot out of it. INPRO is a tremendous organization and a must for any bride. We saw several new and innovative options there as well. First off, Brandii Burke is a wedding consultant/coach/advisor who offers a very interesting service. She will meet with brides and at a one time sitting, outline the path from engagement to reception. This is an unique opportunity for a bride to get professional advice from someone who has incredible event experience without having to hire a “Wedding Consultant”. She also offers additional services but she is definitely someone to talk with. Also, Guardian Angel Academy offers a unique child care service. They will come to the wedding and create a day care for all of the kids allowing parents etc t enjoy the reception unencumbered of the responsibility of watching those pesky kids. A must have for any wedding that takes place around water.

Thanks and heres to a filling Day,



Welcome to Laurie Davenport, our new kitchen manager

As of last week, JACM has a new kitchen manager, Laurie Davenport. Laurie comes to us with years of kitchen and restaurant experience and will be a vital cog in the next phase of growth that we are currently enjoying. Laurie started working with us last summer and we knew right away that we needed to find a place in our kitchen for this talented and delightful person.

“The things I love about food are the same as Kathleen, I cook from sense memory and remember the smells and tastes from when I was a child. This coming week I was able to design a lunch menu that takes us back to the days of my youth, a good old comfort food lunch with all of the memories and sensations of childhood.” Said Laurie when asked about her burgeoning role in the kitchen.

This coming week JACM will feature the following menu for our corporate clients:

Turkey breast basted in a citrus base sauce that will stimulate the palate

Garlic mashed potatoes… need I say more?

Spinach salad with a tangy poppyseed dressing

Chocolate cupcakes with a sour cream frosting

We hope that you will enjoy our new direction and we look forward to being able to serve you all in so many different and exciting ways in the future. And as always, at JACM, requests are always taken,

May we full you up,


mardi gras lunch

Mardi Gras Madness

One of the things I love most about running a catering company is that I get to explore so many different types of food. With today being Fat Tuesday and the Mardi Gras atmosphere is all around I thought that we would jump into the spirit of the festivities and theme all of our lunches this week with the Mardi Gras feel. Now, I am not a Southerner, but I do have friends who are and I was able to call them up and get some real strong feed back. After a bit more research I decided that the lunches we serve to our corporate clients would be as follows:

Dijon and brown sugar glazed ham

Louisiana red beans and rice

Cajun Salad


Red Velvet Cake

It was a lot of fun to put this meal together. We served the white rice in a chafer with the red beans poured over the top, a very traditional presentation and of course, there is nothing like a piece of Red Velvet Cake for dessert. Presentation is a vital part of our service so we used some Mardi Gras decor to top off the event. All in all, I am quite pleased with the outcome.

A note to all, as a convenience to our clients we design a new menu each week. Should the circumstance occur that we visit the same doctor’s office twice in the same week, we change up the menu so that we are not delivering the same food twice. Also, should any of our clients have a special request we accommodate that with no penalty.
Have a filling day,


Kath head shot

How We Started

Years ago, in my frivolous youth, I earned a BFA in Musical Theatre and subsequently spent my 20’s as a working actress in Los Angeles. When I wasn’t treading the boards I needed a job to supplement my income and went to work for a woman named Peggy Dark in Pasadena who ran a new catering company called The Kitchen For Exploring Foods. She took me in and over the course of the next eight or ten years I worked for her whenever I was not in rehearsal or doing a show. The experience was invaluable and I am deeply indebted to her for that opportunity.

Years later, when we moved to Spokane, I met a dear friend Lori Ennis who had a tremendous knack for party planning. Naturally, as our children moved through elementary school and upwards we were tasked with planning and creating food for all of the school event, silent auctions etc. Eventually we became the unofficial caterers of the Mead Education Association. After many years of people asking us for our card we finally decided to give it a try for real and here we are. Lori, who remains a dear friend, decided that this life was not for her and stepped aside but we remain Just A Couple Of Moms with our terrific kitchen manager, Laurie Davenport and several other employees. My husband Tom plays a large part in the managing of the business and as he always says, he is “not one of the moms.”

A few years ago we were visiting my parents in Redlands CA. One of my mothers friends, who had attended Tom and my wedding 24 years ago, happened to be at the house. I had not seen her since the wedding, to be honest, and she gushed at me about how beautiful our wedding was and how amazing the food was. It had been catered by my friend Peggy. I looked at Tom and said, “That is the kind of catering company I want. I want someone to go up to a woman twenty years later and tell them how fabulous the food at their wedding was.” An that pretty much tells the story of what we are trying to do and how we approach each and every event.