The Social Events

Last night we were fortunate enough to have been asked to cater the launch party for Spokane Woman Magazine. It turned out to be more than I imagined. This new magazine, published by Bozzi Media contains an amazing amount of content that relates to women in a number of incredible ways. There was a very touching column written by Jennifer Evans in which she bravely shares an episode of despair from her own life. Julie Humphreys, a local TV reporter submitted a wonderful article on a local Spokane woman who had fought through bulimia and her husband’s sexual additions to come out stronger on the other end. And it featured local business women on the cover as well as throughout the magazine. It is a magazine about Spokane and the women who make this city stronger. Bravo to Vincent Bozzi and the entire Bozzi Media staff for a great job. Keep it up.



Living a good life counts

Hello, Tom here. I just wanted to share a story that happened to me today. As part of our service we cater to many pharmaceutical reps who bring lunch into many medical facilities around the area to entice the doctors to sit and talk with them. It is a good piece of our business and we will go out of our way to keep these very important clients happy. Sometimes that means driving to Sandpoint or Kellogg to deliver a lunch. Today, I drove to Bonner’s Ferry. As I passed Sandpoint and realized I still had over a half hour to go and decided that we had reached the limit of our service area. As I was approaching Bonner’s Ferry I did a mental inventory, for the fourth time, of what I had brought with me and it was then that I realized I had messed up. I had all the food, the dessert, the salad and everything but I had neglected to pack the chafing dish frame. This frame holds the water pan and sterno and keeps the food warm. There was a very simple solution to this problem, all I needed was a Walmart or such and I could buy a disposable chafer used for camping. I did mention I was approaching Bonner’s Ferry, ID, right?  No such luck in finding such a store. I did find an outfitters and came close but no cigar. Thinking fast I found a little pub called Mugsy’s Bar and Grill. It was a bit more upscale for the area and I stopped in. I was hoping that they had a daily happy hour or something that would require a chafing dish. As I approached the bar, Danielle, the bartender greeted me. I explained my situation and asked if they might have a chafing dish I could rent for a few hours. She scoffed, “I’m not gonna rent it to you. Just take it and bring it back.” I was moderately stunned. A stranger walks into a bar….wait for it…. and asks to use a chafing dish. Well, here’s to Danielle and Mugsy’s for helping me out of a jam. As it turned out my rep was an hour late so there was no way the food would have stayed warm so they really saved my behind. Just when you need a lift and something to believe in in today’s world, people will always rise to the occasion.


Not One Of The Moms


St Patrick’s Day is coming fast!

Having a maiden name like McCarty, St Patrick’s day has always been special to me. I love the memories from childhood of my parents sitting us all down to a dinner of corned beef and cabbage. I want to share that with everyone so, consequently, we are offering a special lunch that will be available all next week. It will feature corned beef, cabbage, authentic potato salad, soda bread and a Irish Whiskey Cake for dessert. Treat your office staff to a special treat and bring in our St. Patricks day feast.


What a wonderland of Gastric Delights!

The Trade show was magnificent. We came up with dozens of idea to bring back to Spokane and tons of cool thoughts and tricks to make our buffets look even better. Check out these photos and be amazed.


Catersource – The world’s largest catering convention

Las Vegas! We are going to set the world on fire! Tom and I are in Sin City to learn some delightful and delicious ways to improve our performance and service. The catering world is like a shark, it is always is in motion. If you stop moving, you grow stagnant and die. Consequently, we are always looking for ways to improve, innovations to initiate and new ideas on how to prepare and present our food. We are learning a lot so far. Tom has attended three different seminars on business management and strategy. Ho hum. I have the fun job. I’ve been listening to world famous chefs and owners of huge catering operations share their secrets of fine cuisine. I learned a great idea for meringues desserts that are all different colors and shapes. They have a filling of genash or lemon and they are delicious as well as adorable. Needless to say, I am having a blast. One more seminar to go today, Small Bites and Excellent Flavors. This is soooooo much fun.

Filling you up as always,