Thanks to the Nurse Practitioners Group of Spokane

We had the privilege last night of catering for a wonderful group. The Nurse Practitioner’s Group of Spokane. It is a terrific organization and we look forward to serving them again soon. You can have something this scrumptious at your event as well, just call!


To all of our brides

I recently bought new “everyday” silverware for our personal kitchen. Our collection had become a mishmash of old and battered cutlery. As I was replacing the old with the new I realized that I had never bought a silverware set for us before. The forks I was replacing were wedding gifts. I felt a bit nostalgic as I bagged up the old and replaced it with shiny new. And then a smile came to my face. I realized that one of the signs of a successful relationship is when the marriage outlasts the wedding gifts. 23 years and still going strong.

To all of our brides and grooms, may you live a long and happy life together and still be dancing when it’s time to get new silverware.

Keeping you full,


Irish whiskey

Spring is coming!

First I wanted to share with you the results of our St. Paddy’s Day Feasts. They were amazing and thanks to all who participated. s we were returning from these events it occurred to me that Spring is upon us, although we are all thinking that we have had bits of spring everyday for the past to weeks. Between the rain and hail and snow flurries there have been beautiful Spring-like moments or warmth and sunshine. As Spring approaches we turn our culinary thoughts to lighter fare and a new palate of vegetables and fruit. I love the Spring. Its always so exciting.

Here’s filling you up,



What’s St. Patricks Day without a little nip or two

We are headed out to spread St Patrick’s Day joy to Spokane and Post Falls today. St. Paddy’s Day feasts going to Western States Insurance, Post Falls Family Medicine as well as a few others. Have a happy St. Paddy’s Day and if you get the chance, check out our Irish Whiskey Cake… that’s right, Irish Whiskey!

Doreena's 50th

Birthdays and Anniversaries

We are lucky in that we will be catering four birthdays and anniversaries in the coming days. It is so nice to be involved in people’s special occasions. It makes us feel like part of a big family. Thanks to everyone who as invited us into their houses and lives to be part of a great personal occasion.