Just a Couple of Moms becomes Nectar Catering and Events

Just a Couple of Moms Catering is announcing a name change to Nectar Catering and Events. Just a Couple of Moms Catering has been providing quality and award winning food service and delivery since 2009. In 2013 the business owners Tom and Kathleen White moved their kitchen operation from their home to the basement of the 1889 building and established a strong partnership with Josh Wade’s Nectar Tasting Room. In 2015, Tom and Kathleen moved and Wade bought the business and continued with the same staff and operation.


“Over the last 18 months I have seen the need to rebrand from ‘The Moms’ to something that speaks more to my brand and business direction,” says Josh. “This change aligns with where we are headed as  a business and positions us as a regional leader in the catering space.” Over the next few months Nectar Catering and Events will be launching a new web and mobile presence and will continue to streamline operations moving toward a full re-launch in 2017. “The quality of the food and service is as good as ever,” says Josh, “and the team is developing creative menus and recipes that will continue to move us forward in the future.”


Josh Wade is also the owner of Nectar Tasting Room, Nectar Wine and Beer and nectarMEDIA, a social media consulting firm.


Catering Spokane Weddings Since 2009

We love being a part of your special wedding day. There is something magical about witnessing the union of two people in love! The fact that you choose us to be a part of your memories is humbling. We take catering your wedding very seriously. We are a premier Spokane wedding coordinator. Just a Couple of Mom’s began as a hobby for Kathleen and Kathy in 2009 and quickly became a passion and pursuit of culinary creativity to meet all the needs of our clients.

Over the years we have become an award winning caterer doing 20-30 weddings per year. While the “moms” have moved on our skilled and talented executive Chef, Steven Swanson, and his team of culinary artists will assuredly make your day memorable and your food delicious.

Whether you are looking for simple appetizer buffet or a full sit down dinner we have menu options and pricing that can fit most budgets. We can cater at your location or in our sister company spot, Nectar Tasting Room.

Visit our menu and pricing pages for some ideas and feel free to present your dreams and ideas to our event coordinators.

Congratulations on your engagement. Next step, wedded bliss!


Wedding Season Is Upon Us

“After all this time the one thing we have learned is that the only thing weddings have in common is that they are all different.” Kathleen White.
Yes, that is so very true. People often ask us for pricing on a wedding. I want to reply by asking them how much it costs to buy a car. Each question is totally ambiguous seeing at the variables are so vast. We do not have a cookie cutter approach to catering. We do not offer the same package to bride A as we would to bride B. Why? Because they are different people with different dreams and desires and our goal is to help each bride have the wedding of her dreams. Why would we offer the same menu to one as we would to the other? At JACM we consider ourselves a service company with great food. We are not a drop off group, no aluminum trays, no plastic bowls. For the same low price you get our full attention and service with every order. We after that same attention to detail to our brides. We include buffet decor with each wedding set up that will incorporate your wedding colors. We will personalize the buffet decor to announce proudly to the world who you are. We will make your wedding day unique and special so that there is no confusion about who’s special day this might be. If you are looking for a fairly priced wedding caterer that will care about your needs, give us a call. We can set up a tasting and show you what we can do.


I Ain’t No Friggin’ Gourmet

Hello All,
We are launching a new endeavor here at JACM with our new blog, “I Ain’t No Figgin’ Gourmet” . The purpose of this blog will be to help lighten the load for all of you who work, raise a family and still love to entertain. How do you get home from work at 6 and serve dinner to guests at 7:30, all while dealing with the kids, homework etc? Well, we can help. For years I have watched Kathleen do this very thing. I wish I could tell you how many time I have walked through the door and said, “Oh by the way, I invited my folks over for dinner. Do you mind?” Sweetheart that she is, she always managed to pull it off. (Of course there have been times when she would just look at me and say, “Really? Who’s cooking?” At which point I call my folks and say that we have to reschedule.)
But, when she is in the mood she strolls to the fridge, pulls out a few things, (which mostly look to me like a can of mushroom soup and a cork screw) and the next thing I know we are eating a terrific fetticini al fredo w chicken.
Each week we will offer some tips on how to prepare and serve a delicious meal in a short amount of time. Suggestion will be coming from Kathleen, our executive chef, Paloma and other staff members. We hope that you find this useful and that you enjoy your new found freedom.
(Not One Of The Moms)


Holiday Hurdles

As many of you know, we are in the midst of moving our operation from the north side to the basement of the Nectar Tasting Room. I cannot tell you how great a move this will be for us. In addition to having a much more central location we are also going to be offering a food option at Nectar. Food Flights will be available with your wine selections and they are wonderful. A tremendous option for everyone. We are also now the exclusive caterer for the nectar Tasting Room and we are honored to be part of this great operation. However, moving a business can cause a lot of issues and challenges. Dealing with the city, the health department, the building and planning department can be a challenge but when you add in an unscrupulous contractor it blows up. I have now jumped over so many hurdles I feel qualified to run in the Olympics in the 400 meter high hurdles. But we shall persevere. Thinking of the upside and all the good things that will come from this move more than outweigh the challenges. So, please join us every Thursday – Saturday at Nectar, Main and Stevens and have a taste. You will not be disappointed.