Wedding Season Is Upon Us

“After all this time the one thing we have learned is that the only thing weddings have in common is that they are all different.” Kathleen White.
Yes, that is so very true. People often ask us for pricing on a wedding. I want to reply by asking them how much it costs to buy a car. Each question is totally ambiguous seeing at the variables are so vast. We do not have a cookie cutter approach to catering. We do not offer the same package to bride A as we would to bride B. Why? Because they are different people with different dreams and desires and our goal is to help each bride have the wedding of her dreams. Why would we offer the same menu to one as we would to the other? At JACM we consider ourselves a service company with great food. We are not a drop off group, no aluminum trays, no plastic bowls. For the same low price you get our full attention and service with every order. We after that same attention to detail to our brides. We include buffet decor with each wedding set up that will incorporate your wedding colors. We will personalize the buffet decor to announce proudly to the world who you are. We will make your wedding day unique and special so that there is no confusion about who’s special day this might be. If you are looking for a fairly priced wedding caterer that will care about your needs, give us a call. We can set up a tasting and show you what we can do.