Holiday Hurdles

As many of you know, we are in the midst of moving our operation from the north side to the basement of the Nectar Tasting Room. I cannot tell you how great a move this will be for us. In addition to having a much more central location we are also going to be offering a food option at Nectar. Food Flights will be available with your wine selections and they are wonderful. A tremendous option for everyone. We are also now the exclusive caterer for the nectar Tasting Room and we are honored to be part of this great operation. However, moving a business can cause a lot of issues and challenges. Dealing with the city, the health department, the building and planning department can be a challenge but when you add in an unscrupulous contractor it blows up. I have now jumped over so many hurdles I feel qualified to run in the Olympics in the 400 meter high hurdles. But we shall persevere. Thinking of the upside and all the good things that will come from this move more than outweigh the challenges. So, please join us every Thursday – Saturday at Nectar, Main and Stevens and have a taste. You will not be disappointed.