Moving the Kitchen!

One of the signs of a growing business it the need for more space. We hit capacity in our commercial kitchen about a year ago. Finally, the stars aligned and we have made an agreement with the Nectar Tasting Room to move into a shared space with them, becoming the exclusive caterer for that space and re-locate to a more centralized location. We are very excited about this move and it will provide some significant advantages for the both of us. We will be supplying Nectar with a made-to-order appetizer menu and that will increase the options for their wine tasting experience. It puts us in a downtown prime location and helps us serve our clients better. Our normal on-site operations will continue and we will continue to grow and reach out to more folks in the community providing Spokane with the finest catering services available. Thanks to all of you for your support and come see us at Main and Stevens for a taste of some very fine wine and a bite of an amazing appetizer.