wedding couple


Weddings are unique creatures. No two have ever been alike and no two will ever be alike. Consequently, when Just A Couple Of Moms Catering begins preparations for catering a wedding we consider these three things first:

The Bride and Groom – We want to find what suits their personalities, tastes and particular culinary desires.
The Venue – Decor, formality and location dictate a standard that helps us define a menu.
Time – What time of year and what time of day. A summer dinner wedding is certainly going to require a different menu than a November afternoon wedding.

Taking all of these factors into consideration is our first step in planning a menu for a wedding. We have found it impossible to provide a cookie cutter program where brides can go to a menu and choose two from column A and three from column B. We like to meet with the couple, determine the parameters of their desires and design a menu created specifically for them.

No two weddings are ever alike and at Just A Couple Of Moms Catering, no two menu’s are ever alike. We would be happy to consult with you about your upcoming wedding, free of course, arrange a tasting, also free, and see if we can help you create that wedding day meal that you have always dreamed of. It is our desire to become part of the memory of your very special day by providing food that your guests will remember for a lifetime.