3 tier display

Cheese, cubed or sliced?

We have quite a controversy brewing here at Just A Couple Of Moms. The powers that be, (me and my husband) differ on how to serve cheese in our bountiful cheese display. One of us, and in fairness I will not tell you who prefers what, prefers that we slice the cheese for the displays, the other likes the cubes. The pros of both are that the cubed cheese looks nicer in the presentation, it stacks and falls with artistic wonder. The sliced cheese is much easier to eat and fits on a cracker. The cons, how do you eat a cube of cheese off of a cracker? Then again, sliced cheese sticks together and makes it harder to grab. If you go to your facebook page you can offer your opinion. We would really like to settle this once and for all. One of us is longing for bragging rights!