Nothing Should Derail Your Special Day

As I am looking out the window today I am thinking about our four brides that will be celebrating their wedding day on Saturday. Two of the venues are inside so they will not have to deal with the inclement weather but two of them are outside. The forecast is not looking good and it occurs to me that I have something I would like to pass along to these wonderful ladies. Rain or wind or bad weather is just that, it has no bearing on the true significance of this very special day. If it rains, well, it rains. Nothing anyone can do about it. Please do not lose sight of the fact that you are marrying the most special person in the world and that is truly the only thing that matters. We will do whatever we can to help make everyone comfortable, including moving the buffet indoors, across the street or to the local bowling alley. Don’t let this unfortunate situation bring you down. In the long run you will have one of the best wedding day stories ever.  Keep your  chin up and laugh. It’s just a wedding, its not a marriage and after nearly 24 years of marriage myself I can promise you, a little rain will not ever stack up to the challenges that await you. Its a wedding and the most important thing that will happen that day is that you will marry your true love. Let your love keep you warm and have Uncle Ted hold the umbrella to keep you dry.

Here’s to making your day the very best regardless,