fruit display

Adjusting to the spring/summer routine

I don’t know about you but we have to do a complete turnover when the warmer weather arrives. Our flowers, for one, become much more difficult to deal with. In the colder months we set them out in the garage and they last forever. When it warms up we bring them inside or, if the vase is short enough, we put them in refrigerators. The problem with that is suddenly, refrigerator space is at a premium. Even with the big commercial units, space goes fast. In our next location we are going to have a huge walk in fridge and that will help a lot. The warm weather affects our drivers as well seeing as they can’t put anything into the car until they are ready to go. Salad sitting in a warm car is never a good idea. Consequently, when it’s time to load up and leave we are suddenly a very busy little shop as everyone is loading at once. It can get comical. But, I do love sitting out on the deck at the end of the day and for that, the extra work is well worth while.

Keeping you full,