Catersource – The world’s largest catering convention

Las Vegas! We are going to set the world on fire! Tom and I are in Sin City to learn some delightful and delicious ways to improve our performance and service. The catering world is like a shark, it is always is in motion. If you stop moving, you grow stagnant and die. Consequently, we are always looking for ways to improve, innovations to initiate and new ideas on how to prepare and present our food. We are learning a lot so far. Tom has attended three different seminars on business management and strategy. Ho hum. I have the fun job. I’ve been listening to world famous chefs and owners of huge catering operations share their secrets of fine cuisine. I learned a great idea for meringues desserts that are all different colors and shapes. They have a filling of genash or lemon and they are delicious as well as adorable. Needless to say, I am having a blast. One more seminar to go today, Small Bites and Excellent Flavors. This is soooooo much fun.

Filling you up as always,