Welcome to Laurie Davenport, our new kitchen manager

As of last week, JACM has a new kitchen manager, Laurie Davenport. Laurie comes to us with years of kitchen and restaurant experience and will be a vital cog in the next phase of growth that we are currently enjoying. Laurie started working with us last summer and we knew right away that we needed to find a place in our kitchen for this talented and delightful person.

“The things I love about food are the same as Kathleen, I cook from sense memory and remember the smells and tastes from when I was a child. This coming week I was able to design a lunch menu that takes us back to the days of my youth, a good old comfort food lunch with all of the memories and sensations of childhood.” Said Laurie when asked about her burgeoning role in the kitchen.

This coming week JACM will feature the following menu for our corporate clients:

Turkey breast basted in a citrus base sauce that will stimulate the palate

Garlic mashed potatoes… need I say more?

Spinach salad with a tangy poppyseed dressing

Chocolate cupcakes with a sour cream frosting

We hope that you will enjoy our new direction and we look forward to being able to serve you all in so many different and exciting ways in the future. And as always, at JACM, requests are always taken,

May we full you up,